Performance improvement methodologies and tools


This digital product gives M4V, PPT and PDF files to help CxOs and steering committees establish a culture of continuous improvement, build resilience against environmental forces and transform their organisations.


Change and performance improvement is an essential lever for the development of organisations.

Smart businesses are changing operating models to leverage more competitive capabilities as well as integrating emerging empowering technologies.

In light of COVID-19, firms are tapping into new pools of talent found well outsides their HQ geographical areas and investing in tech mobility and cloud technologies to enable safe and secure remote working.

Small organisations are now omnipresent, which is a sign of progress because it removes barriers of entry for firms or resources not concentrated in/around large urban areas.

The business change/transformation field, the academia as well as the 3Ps management industry are offering multiple business tools and methodologies to enable organisations to identify environmental forces, to experience substantial performance improvement and transition to a better state.

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Bogdan Ciocoiu


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