Methods to help organisations build resilience against COVID-19


This digital product will set out several agile tools in various formats including PDF, M4V and PPT, to help organisations build resilience against COVID-19 by investing in people, innovation and technology.

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Undoubtedly, COVID-19 proves challenging for all organisations worldwide, especially those who are not leveraging agility within their day-to-day activities.

We believe a suite of technical solutions and enablers that will enable businesses to tackle the pandemic crisis in an agile way, to recover and develop sustainable competitive advantages.

These business enablers must always run in a risk-free digital cloud-based environment; therefore, virtualisation and internet-based encryption are critical.

Organisations need powerful tools and methodologies to help them deliver large projects and programmes remotely, during the period of COVID-19 pandemic. Choosing and establishing an adequate suite of change frameworks can only be completed if integrated within the client organisations’ operating models, processes and strategic objectives.

Enterprise resource planning tools and customers resource management solutions as well as other SaaS tools that can help people connect effectively from different time zones and geographies.

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