Environmental forces are shaping up the way organisations develop


Downloading this virtual product will provide you with M4V, PDF and PPT files, to enable your CxOs and senior leadership teams to analyse the inflight trends and establish how will their firms perceive disruption.

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Businesses do not exist in isolation – firms interact between themselves, environmental forces and the clients/consumers, and in doing so, they form ecosystems. Some organisations are powerful enough to influence how their ecosystems are shaped (i.e. Apple App Store, Uber and Deliveroo) while others accommodate themselves to the macro-environment.

These ecosystems are heavily influenced by external forces which are applying pressures on organisations forcing them to change in a certain way.

PESTLE is one of the many frameworks that are analysing external forces.

Transformative organisations regularly review the environmental forces that are exerting pressures in their ecosystems, to ensure they change for the better and to develop resilience.

Other organisations leverage training, learning and development capabilities to prepare their teams for whatever challenges the external forces will raise, such as having to work from home for extended periods (i.e. COVID-19) or having to restructure their operations in a particular way to cut costs.

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