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Our e-commerce story

A few years ago, our organisation came up with the idea of launching an e-commerce platform selling customised gifts during the holiday season. The aim was to offer a one-stop shop for personalised gifts where customers could easily find unique and meaningful presents for their loved ones.

We realised that there was a gap in the market for a platform that specialised in customised gifts, as people were looking for something truly unique and meaningful. Therefore, we started researching and discovered a growing demand for personalised gifts made in Britain. People were tired of giving and receiving the same old generic items and were looking for something that stood out from the crowd.

This trend was prevalent among millennials who highly value experiences and personalisation.

E-commerce trends within Britain

Further research revealed a few key factors driving the trend towards customised gifts. One of the main reasons was the desire for individuality, as people want to express their uniqueness. Moreover, personalised gifts enable them to add their personal touch to a product.

Another factor driving the trend was the rise of social media. People are increasingly sharing their lives online, leading to a focus on creating memories that are Instagram-worthy. For example, personalised gifts are perfect for people to showcase thoughtfulness and share these moments with their friends and followers.

Our challenges included finding high-quality suppliers to provide a range of products made in Britain. We wanted to offer various options, from personalised mugs and photo frames to jewellery and clothing. After extensive research and vetting, we found a select group of suppliers who met our customer service standards.

Another challenge was building a user-friendly website that made the e-commerce experience intuitive. We worked closely with a team of designers to create a platform that was easy to navigate, with options for personalisation. Our e-commerce website has become a go-to destination for anyone looking for a personalised gift. We are constantly expanding our product range and have built a customer base who appreciate our offerings.

We’re proud to have created a business that helps people express their love and appreciation for their friends and family.

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