About professional services digital products and business tools - Bogdan Ciocoiu
About professional services digital products and business tools - Bogdan Ciocoiu

Who we are?

We form a group of professional services specialists in their 30s based within the UK keen to promote transformational services to firms across the UK and continental western-Europe.

We specialise in a variety of organisational transformation services including target operating models, designing services and processes, standing up project management offices and transformation offices, leveraging Agile Scrum and others.

Within our professional services offering, we also leverage technological solutions such as Tableau and Power BI to enable organisations to make evidence-based informed decisions using data from sensors and other operational logs.

Professional services and performance improvement

We have been working in the professional services field since 2010, and inevitably we have created templates and standards for our work products. We are now commercialising these templates, to help other CxOs and senior leadership teams transform their organisations and achieve improved performance, with the support of our standards.


Most of our products are virtual, but for physical goods, we externalise the delivery (including the responsibility) on third parties. Please email us to find out who will deliver your product.

No returns policy

We do not offer free returns because anyone can replicate our products, and so by providing free returns will cause us irreparable damages. Please read these terms before ordering.

Secure checkout

You will be checking out with Paypal or one of our secured third parties, so any risk lies with our payment processing partners. We will not store payment details on our web site.

Prompt and effective professional services

Unprecedented challenges such as urbanisation, global warming, the EU exit (i.e. Brexit) and COVID-19 are threatening UK businesses as well as the UK labour market. British entrepreneurs must find transformative, innovative new ways to work around emerging environmental constraints, to establish new ways of trading while maintaining social distance.

Professional services

Our hybrid services are suitable for any organisation including private or public sector, irrespective of size or operating model.

Analytical approach

Our performance improvement services set out clear walkthroughs to enable organisations to make evidence-based decisions.

Stakeholder engagement

We encourage stakeholder engagement to ensure full alignment and consent on business transformation and change programmes.